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Reopening of Sortilège on 10 April 2021

As a result of the measures taken by the government following the health crisis, we are obliged to close Sortilège for the rest of the season.

We have therefore not been able to do the Quest of the Witch...
Good news : you will be able to experience it as soon as we reopen on April 10th 2021 !

A fantasy medieval adventure game, an experience with zero CO2 emission, zero plastic, 100% fun!

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Rumors are flying around the kingdom, we've heard about you, fiery adventurers

It must be said that your reputation precedes you.

Listen to me carefully, time is running out and the people need you. Our kingdom is in great danger: only someone with bravery and unshakeable determination will be able to help us to preserve the calm in our beautiful land. The forest has sensed great potential in you. Let's not waste a minute, it's time for you to start your adventure!

Feel like a bit of height?
It is possible to add the treetop adventure course, you will then be invited to make a stopover in the Land of Vertigo, under the watchful eyes of our jovial woodcutter.

Discover the quest of the moment: Witch


An additional adventure with our tree climbing option

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